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Gary the Grouch posted a comment on Sunday 3rd January 2016 7:00pm for Inferno

This is a great start to a super!Harry story of an unusual sort. It appears as if it might be abandoned, which is a shame as it shows great promise.

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Wednesday 11th June 2014 2:57pm for Inferno


whydoyouhavetoknow posted a comment on Saturday 19th April 2014 4:09am for Inferno

Is this story now abandoned? That would be a bit of a shame.

Rick D Gale posted a comment on Wednesday 29th December 2010 11:37am for Inferno

I know you have stated that this has not been abandoned... I pray that is still the case. It is just too good of a start of a story that shows a side of the Harry Potter universe that is rarely seen.

You don’t need to go into graphic detail as to the evening with the Black sisters — but it would be interesting to be a bug on the wall to see what was said:

Were they both ‘forced’ into their position by their parents?

Did their husbands use the ‘Imperius’ on them to keep them in line?

What is the relationship between Harry and his four advisors?

How will Harry deal with the goblins and other non-human species?

How will Harry approach the ‘Muggles’ at this point in time? Does he go to the Queen first and pledge his support to her or some other way?

What is the current situation of Hogwarts? How many children are left?

How many magical people are left in Great Britain? Will Harry go out to the Muggle world an actively ‘recruit’ those who have left the wizarding world to come back?

Is Harry happy with his new position? Does he have anyone he can lean on to share the burden he is under?

Will the rest of the wizarding world accept what has happened in Great Britain and recognize the ‘new government’.

How will Harry enforce the peace when conflict does arise? (Draco did not seem too pleased at his mother’s or aunt’s action)

I do hope you continue with this story. The one thing I like about this web-site is almost all the stories are extremely well written and are a pleasure to read (though I don’t go into the slash style).

Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I look forward to your next chapter.


lwj2 posted a comment on Sunday 5th December 2010 7:41pm for Inferno

Interesting. A follow-up would be nice.

SingerRenn posted a comment on Monday 27th September 2010 1:38pm for Inferno

Quite interesting

sarahgirl12384 posted a comment on Friday 16th July 2010 12:50pm for Inferno

I am loving this story so far!!! I hope you continue it!!!

CrimsonEmperor posted a comment on Monday 17th May 2010 6:23pm for Inferno

Hope we see more of this one day

prateek91 posted a comment on Thursday 15th April 2010 4:54am for Inferno


Kuronosa posted a comment on Monday 22nd March 2010 4:33pm for Inferno

Ooooohhhh yeeahhhhhh...I thought I recognized that spell... Finished Deryni Rising about a year or so ago...but the spell still looked familiar...

Do you have plans for more chapters, or is this the be-all-end-all of it? It's fascinating, really.

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Monday 1st February 2010 6:19pm for Inferno

A most awesome beginning to what appears to be a stupendous fic. I hope real life lets go of you soon enough that you can finish this and your other fine tales.

Koalasco posted a comment on Saturday 2nd January 2010 10:26am for Inferno

I wanna next chapter! And I want it now!

BloodRedJawz posted a comment on Sunday 25th October 2009 8:44am for Inferno

oh poo, it's only a chapter long. and here i was, getting excited for the next chapter...

dennisud posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2009 12:34am for Inferno

So will there be more and which girl/woman will be Lady to Lord Harry while the rest are official concubines and such? Also I didn't see Luna or her Dad, Did I miss something there?


Rick D Gale posted a comment on Monday 11th May 2009 5:18am for Inferno

It has been several years since I read this chapter. I do hope it is still not abandon. This has the makings of a very dynamic story with all the people / relationships that could be developed.

I look forward to the next chapter.


mpop posted a comment on Wednesday 8th April 2009 11:00pm for Inferno

Good story... are you going to finish it?

Kingtad posted a comment on Wednesday 1st April 2009 9:06am for Inferno

Ok, so you said it's not abandoned, but it hasn't been updated in nearly 4 years!

I would love to see where this story goes!

FenrisWolf posted a comment on Tuesday 17th February 2009 3:58pm for Inferno

Too bad this was abandoned. I'll always be curious just how the show was going to drop insofar as Harry's 'harem' was concerned....

Ph34r_n0_3V1L posted a comment on Wednesday 11th February 2009 5:50am for Inferno


Hamilton Wrye posted a comment on Tuesday 16th December 2008 1:47pm for Inferno

Love the start of this! Hope that you will keep it going.