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The Resident posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd April 2008 5:18am for Balance of Power

I'm sorry i took me so long to get around to reading this chapter. It is, as always, quite entertaining. Yours is the only HP/Addams Family crossover that I am aware of and you have maintained Charles Addams vision of his 'family' quite faithfully. (And having grown up with B&W TV, I hear the voices of the characters from the TV Show when I read their dialog.) I eagerly await the next chapter in this excellent story and look forward to more instances of thwarting Luck Lucy, Dumbledork, and other such people with overblown opinions of themselves. Ego popping is great fun. <grin>

Stahchild posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd April 2008 8:33pm for Balance of Power


I can't believe I never read this story before now. This is without a doubt the most brilliant (original) crossover ever! [b]EVER![/b]

I'm in love with Gomez and Morticia, they're the coolest parents ever, they're running circles all over the Wizards. The concept of a PTA at Hogwarts was Inspired, and I did not even see Grandma Addams as being a brilliant potions mistress and a witch to boot.

Please please please please update this story soon. I am in love with this story.

QOShea posted a comment on Monday 14th April 2008 4:31am for Balance of Power

Just reread the whole story, still a great read. Hope to see another chapter soon.

Dark Topaz posted a comment on Saturday 12th April 2008 2:01am for Balance of Power

Please update soon

mouseybrown posted a comment on Saturday 5th April 2008 11:06am for Balance of Power

I think I've already left a review for this chapter, but oh well. This story is awesome! The entire premise of it, not to mention your thorough characterizations. Gomez, in particular, is wonderful. I do (most sincerely) hope you're still working on this fic! It's a pleasure to read both for the content and for your lovely editing/beta work. Go you!

impatientuser posted a comment on Friday 28th March 2008 6:02am for Balance of Power

Wow... I thought this idea was kinda silly, but this story rocks. I loved all the scenes with Gomez. Hope to see more of this some day. Thanks for writing =)

James13 posted a comment on Thursday 27th March 2008 5:10pm for Balance of Power

I love it when Albus gets railroaded into agreeing with the Gomez. It's nice to see the devious manipulator get overpowered by the slick fast talking used car salesman :)

AnyaBerry posted a comment on Sunday 23rd March 2008 4:28pm for Balance of Power

Is there a story alert on this?
My email is
This is a great story! :)
- AnyaBerry

kanikan posted a comment on Thursday 20th March 2008 2:18am for Balance of Power

Wonderful story, one of the best crossovers I've read in the HP world. Very creative and well written. I'm even fond of the PA/HG pairing you have going on. I hope you'll be updating soon. Keep up the great work.

Jinx15 posted a comment on Tuesday 18th March 2008 2:24pm for Balance of Power


I just completed reading your story up to 'Balance of Power', and I have to say it's very original and well done. Very well written.

I saw it recommended on someone else's story, and I'm very happy to have taken the advise to check it out.

Excellent story plot. And that one chapter where Snape and Dumbledore meet 'Thing' will forever bring a smile to my face.

I laughed for over ten minutes, and each time I tried to read it again, but slowly, I kept cracking up. That was hilarious funny.

Even now I'm chuckling again. I'll never forget that chapter. I'm going to send the link to a few friends to read your story because it's totally worth it.

Thank you so much for having shared your plot, and I'm so looking forward to what will happen next.

Lara Quinn posted a comment on Monday 17th March 2008 4:27am for Balance of Power

I loved the latest installment of your story. It manages to believably cross 2 fandoms that would not normally be considered to have much in common. I just hope that the lack of updates doesn't mean that this is another abandoned story in the HP fanfic world. It would be a great disappointment to all the faithful readers out there. Any hope would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for writing.

verdant posted a comment on Sunday 16th March 2008 2:31am for Balance of Power

Your story really is tremendously engrossing and entertaining. Thank you so much for writing it.

Prongs1977 posted a comment on Wednesday 12th March 2008 5:30am for Balance of Power

GREAT STORY, don't stop now!

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Monday 10th March 2008 2:33am for Balance of Power

I am not really into crossovers, but this is beyond brilliant!

Just in this chapter alone the way you handle Snape, Dumbledore, and Malfoy was choice. Putting Lucius in the uncomfortable chair was a treat.

I'm not sure why I haven't read this before, probably because I try to stick to completed stories, but I'm glad I started it finally.

Well done, indeed!

Lucifer Black posted a comment on Wednesday 5th March 2008 10:17am for Balance of Power

This had got to be one of the greatest stories I've ever read! Good job and keep it up!

yelena Kushnirova posted a comment on Wednesday 20th February 2008 7:02am for Balance of Power

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rm posted a comment on Wednesday 20th February 2008 5:23am for Balance of Power

story is absolutely brilliant but please update soon please

Banner posted a comment on Wednesday 20th February 2008 2:13am for Balance of Power

This is fascinating. And a lot of fun. I love seeing the British Wizarding World through Addams-coloured glasses. Mortitia out-maneuvering Dumbledore gives me a happy glow. And watching an Addams-assimilated Lupin is just great. I Can't Wait to see Hermione Addams: she's going to be a TREAT.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Tuesday 19th February 2008 6:58am for Balance of Power

Wow. Now things are starting to get very interesting. Would you please UPDATE? And soon, preferably. I need to know what happens next.

Vilkath posted a comment on Sunday 17th February 2008 3:39am for Balance of Power

This is perhaps the best HP cross over I have ever read. I really did not expect much from a HP/Addams family xover but this turned out better then I expected. I have seen more compatable series not work out.

I love your Harry, I love your Wensday and ofcourse I love how the Addams are changing the school and putting Dumbledoor in his place at every turn. I really can't wait for the next chapter.