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JTKent posted a comment on Friday 15th February 2008 12:52pm for Balance of Power

I just discovered you yesterday, and have been reading "Family Values" all the way through, and I'm delighted! I love fanfic in general, when it's well crafted, and I really appreciate the way you've worked the characters in the Addams Family into the Hogwarts universe. You've really captured the Addamses and their interaction, and the English Wizards' reaction to them is priceless.

I also appreciate what you've done for Remus -- you've managed to give him some real self-respect, and going into the differences between the British and American wizarding communities was a really nice touch. Grandmama's comments to Snape about the nature of magic were wondrous!

I see, unfortunately that you haven't touched in since November, and that concerns me -- please tell me you haven't given up on it! It's priceless, and I've been telling all my friends about it about it, so PLEASE keep going!

Thanks again for a WONderful tale!

Anansii posted a comment on Thursday 14th February 2008 5:00pm for Balance of Power

Just discovered this fic - this is lovely! Please continue.

ladygaia posted a comment on Tuesday 12th February 2008 2:26pm for Balance of Power

I love the story! You should put it on, they'll love it! If Dumbledore didn't want Harry raised by the Addams then he shouldn't have just dumped him on the doorstep of people who he knew wouldn't want him. It's funny how he keeps trying and failing to get Harry back. You don't mess with the Addams, but I don't think that he knows that yet. I'm glad that someone finally brought Snape down and put him on a leach. I hated the way that Dumbledore let him get away with everything and how he treated Harry because of his father. How pathetic is that? It seems that the Addams are taking over Hogwarts, which is a good thing. Hogwarts needed a change. I really hate Malfoy and the Slytherins. They still haven't gotten justice from that attack on Harry that Malfoy did in the beginning. Hopefully the Slytherins will be brought down too because they're use to being allowed to do anything they want to but now they won't have Snape on their side if he wants to keep his job.

Ishtar replied:

I haven't put any of my stories on because I haven't heard anything good about their software for loading and maintaining stories.   Everyone on ffa that has had stories on has complained about it.   Additionally, I am not happy with the non-responsiveness of management to problems, some of their more restrictive policies, and the arbitrary way stories are removed and authors banned without notice or appeal.   I am very happy here at ffa and doubt that I'll post at any time soon.

I'm glad you're liking the way things are going in the story so far.   Malfoy has already been publicly humiliated twice now at Harry's hands, and Gomez has gotten the best of Lucius Malfoy twice as well.   Things will continue to escalate, but I'm sure you'll appreciate that I couldn't have it all happen in first year.   What would I have in the rest of my story?

willstarr posted a comment on Monday 11th February 2008 8:11am for Balance of Power

I was reading something today and it reminded me of this line.

Headmaster, if you want the Hufflepuffs to take over the world, just say so.

And I remembered that when I first read it I was so eraptured by your fic that I forgot to comment.

For the record, this is possibly one of my favorite HP quotes of all time. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

Aelita posted a comment on Monday 11th February 2008 12:24am for Balance of Power

Why oh why won't you update! Please do and soon I am sooooo hooked on this story. YOu are sucha great author please update this soon!

Andrewsquill posted a comment on Sunday 10th February 2008 6:49am for Balance of Power

This is actually my first review even though I have read quite a few stories here. In the future I will do a better job and post an honest review from time to time.

I am really enjoying the relationships between the Addams Family and the Wizarding world. Their normal, which is very different, response to wizards and the world around them is why I loved the movie so much. I picture your Gomez and Morticia to be the two actors from the movie and it really makes the scenes so much more enjoyable to read.

Harry's development was very well done and you have begun to show his slightly different outlook, especially with the death of Quirell, to various situations. I am really looking forward to your next update.

Keep up the good work.


AnnaTigg posted a comment on Wednesday 6th February 2008 5:34am for Balance of Power

This fanfic is really well written and plotted. Love Addams vs Dumbledore. Hope you post more soon, as I'm really getting into this!

Peregrine829 posted a comment on Tuesday 29th January 2008 11:20am for Balance of Power

Incredible fic. I look forward to updates.

Arica 120 posted a comment on Sunday 27th January 2008 6:16am for Balance of Power


Zarz posted a comment on Saturday 26th January 2008 5:09am for Balance of Power

I love this story! I've been putting off reading it for ages, but now that I've actually watched a few old Addams Family episodes, I thought it was high time I read it. It's hilarious! Yes, the Family is everything. I think Remus ought to get formally adopted at some point. He's certainly earned it, even if his original entrance was a bit, ah, inauspicious. I'm definitely looking forward to when Gomez realizes that Sirius was put in prison without a trial. That will certainly stir up an uproar. Keep up the great work. I'm really, really, really waiting with baited breath to see the next chapter. I wonder what the group will think of the challenges when they go down there to steal the stone, and what they'll do with it once they've got it to keep it safe from Voldemort? Keep up the wonderful work!

SlytherinSlayer21 posted a comment on Friday 18th January 2008 3:15pm for Balance of Power

i love it! please continue!

Tara Monk posted a comment on Thursday 17th January 2008 5:35pm for Balance of Power

This story is utterly engrossing, and thoroughly charming! It's a mix I never would have thought of, and you've made it work flawlessly!

I admire the way you've weaved the Addams Family into the Potter-verse, and the roles you've given them to fulfill within the wizarding world. I especially am interested to see how History of Magic progresses, with Monsieur Addams at the helm.

I was sad to see that I had reached the end. This isn't pressure for more (as a writer myself, I have great respect for the havoc time can play on creativity) but a way to let you know that what you have given us is marvelous, and you have a ready audience, should there be more.

Thank you!

Jeremy Desat posted a comment on Wednesday 16th January 2008 11:08am for Balance of Power

I have to say, I held off on reading this for some reason... I really don't know why, but I didn't think it would be all that good... I mean... the Addams Family??? That said, I've just finished it, and I LOVE it... I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope you update soon!

Register posted a comment on Wednesday 16th January 2008 4:46am for Balance of Power

I . . . love this fanfic! This is so bizzar but fun at the same time - just like the Addams. ^_^ Please continue the fic! I love how you're shaking Hogwarts up, from everything to well-established house tension to the way things are taught to the food they eat. And how you show different sides of Hogwarts, like the clubs.

Looking forward to the next chapter,

Carlos posted a comment on Friday 11th January 2008 2:07pm for Balance of Power

when is the next update???

Aelita posted a comment on Tuesday 8th January 2008 9:10am for Balance of Power

WOW! This is such a great story, I really hope you poste again soon, your last posting was last year!

darkangel628 posted a comment on Tuesday 8th January 2008 5:06am for Balance of Power

please write more please

Immortalitis posted a comment on Sunday 6th January 2008 8:21pm for Balance of Power


Amazing story so far. Hilarious, the work Gomez does.

Post more fast!


Kalen Darkmoon posted a comment on Sunday 30th December 2007 2:31am for Balance of Power

Great new chapter! I love how the Addams swooped in with their forceful personalities and got some long overdue changes started. Its been great seeing Snape put in his place as well as Malfoy (both of them). As for Dumbledore, one could almost feel sorry for the old man seeing it all slip through his fingers... that is if he wasn't such a conniving, manipulative old bastard.

Though I also fear for the safety of Gomez and Morticia in particular given how thoroughly they are pissing off both Dumbledore and Malfoy. I only hope that the Addams' resiliency and good fortune through adversity holds true to the end.

Despite my dislike of cliffhangers, like the mild one this chapter ends on, I am enjoying this immensely. This is a great fic and you have the humor and characterizations done very well. I love reading about a Harry with a backbone and living by the Addams' family motto.

CRose posted a comment on Wednesday 26th December 2007 6:24am for Balance of Power

Oooh, I like this chapter. The long wait, and then my missing the last update, were well worth it. Dumbledore is going to blow a gasket before the end of the year. Pure AAdams Family. Heh