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inDe_eD posted a comment on Thursday 29th November 2007 5:47am for As Time Goes By

Honestly, there's no need to berate yourself over silly little errors. I like to think of the Dumbledores as insane/eccentric enough to wear robes to a duel and pull it off gracefully, and a couch is certainly a reasonable thing to expect, even in a run-down little bungalow.

Anyways, I'm only 4 chapters in at the moment, but I had to fire that rant off. The story so far is original, as it certainly deviates from established cliches (i.e. spineless Peter, gotta-be-evil Malfoy), and in a way that's believable and brilliant. In comparison, magically appearing sofas are inconsequential!

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd August 2006 6:32am for As Time Goes By

Uh oh. Love the way you're writing this. I don't feel sorry for Peter but I do feel fascinated by the way the wizards interact with muggles & house elves. Nanny is particularly good.

evansentranced posted a comment on Thursday 22nd June 2006 10:42am for As Time Goes By

I actually feel sorry for Peter. Aw...poor misguided, put upon really. And also. You only had the house elves start speaking like the 'Big People' because you couldn't be bothered writing their annoying little dialect, could you? Just kidding, but I'd do the same thing... your story amuses me in a strange way. The oddest things make me burst out laughing. When I realized what you'd done with the house elves, I cracked up. Dobby would love Harry's place. He would thrive and burst into unnecessary tears constantly.

Ishtar replied:

I just didn't want to have Harry speaking  their annoying little dialect.   Can you imagine the razzing he would have gotten if he'd showed up at Hogwarts speaking  fluent house-elf?  

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Monday 22nd May 2006 8:47am for As Time Goes By

Interesting story.


Muirnin Cocan posted a comment on Monday 22nd May 2006 7:58am for As Time Goes By

Just a quick note if you really want to keep as canon with out being canon as possible... hows that for an oxymoron... the Black Family tree that JKR herself created is located at
It gives Sirius's mom's name as Walburga rather than Lavinia... it's a great piece of work... it even references the other pureblood family relations and HOW they are related to the Black line...

Ishtar replied:

I am aware of the Black Family tree.   It hadn't been released yet at the time this chapter was written.   At some point, I might go back and correct her name, note Sirius' relationship to Harry, and correct the degree of relationship to Arthur.   I have a ton of other minor corrections to make to early chapters anyway.

dragongirlg posted a comment on Wednesday 12th April 2006 11:02am for As Time Goes By

This is so original and so well-written. I love how SNAPE is the figurehead for the wizarding funny. And Peter's death, and his now ghost form - wow. That's something I didn't see coming. I wonder how the Fidelius is going to break.

Again - wonderful. Could be published.

Mariposa posted a comment on Friday 31st March 2006 2:02am for As Time Goes By

OMGoddess! The part about Remus being a witch is having me in stitches right now! ROTFLOL! Damn I loved that, I can imagine him laughing so hard about it when he figured that out!!!!! What a great cover for the muggles. You just made my day so much brighter than it had been. Its been a little rough the past couple of days but thank you so much for putting that in and I think it was magick that brought me to read it today.

Mari - Eclectic Pagan

Ishtar replied:

Being of the eclectic pagan sort myself, I had always wondered what the Wizards would think of Muggle ideas of Wicca.   So I decided to put a little touch of it in the story.   The books are real and were ones that would have been available in England at that time, and the blonde in the pictures in the books is real and Sirius would definitely have approved of a religion like that, I think ...   ;D

azntgr01 posted a comment on Monday 20th March 2006 9:36am for As Time Goes By

I didn't like the fact that Peter was buried in Potter's field. Other than that, great story so far. :)

Ishtar replied:

Potter's Field is just what they call it - the shorthand term for a municipal graveyard where the poor and unidentified are buried.   I could have called it "Municipal Graveyard #3" or something, but everybody knows what Potter's Field is.   And it was ironic.

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Friday 24th February 2006 11:39am for As Time Goes By

Excellent work. I'm left
wondering if James and
Lilly were there to
condem him or offer
forgiveness for his

Bibi posted a comment on Sunday 12th February 2006 2:05am for As Time Goes By

That's my favourite chapter so far!!!
I loved the scene whith Remus and the Werewolf books.
I also thought that Harry would have troubles to understand the difference between house elves and humans. Your solution was great! What will the wizards think, once they see educated house elves?! :)

stu posted a comment on Tuesday 7th February 2006 1:57pm for As Time Goes By

aaah you made snape a hero, noooooooooo!!!

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 7th February 2006 5:14am for As Time Goes By

Ch.5 - - This is just tooooooooo clever! To the extreme.

I cannot believe how many gaping canon holes you filled in an AU way. The Grindelwald explanation was very original. I have no need for it in any stories I plan, but I have thought of an equivalent sort of explanation of that war.

Remus writing Muggle witchcraft related fiction is choice. Peter as a ghost is amazing - of course he'd be afraid of death.

But Snape as a hero - now I am floored with the brilliance of that idea.


LoggingInSucksAss posted a comment on Thursday 8th December 2005 7:04pm for As Time Goes By

~wails and gnashes teeth~


hehe. Hope you're doing well - and your hubby, too!

minervakitty posted a comment on Saturday 3rd December 2005 10:39am for As Time Goes By

It's going to take Nanny a while to get things smoothed out with Harry? When will Sirius and Remus reenter Harry's life? Will Peter tell them where Harry is? Sort of ironic that Peter got buried in a "Potters field".

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Thursday 1st December 2005 2:54am for As Time Goes By

Very interesting effects in this chapter. It'll be instructive to see if Peter can interact with the elves and young Harry, let alone those looking for Harry.

I'm quite enjoying this story.

Junky posted a comment on Wednesday 30th November 2005 6:30pm for As Time Goes By

Sorry for the double review.

Is Harry going to get into Hufflepuff? *blinks rapidly*

What can Peter do to help him? Teach him Wizarding ways hopefully? Please? Harry the house elf may be fun for a while but it'll become humilating later ...


Junky posted a comment on Wednesday 30th November 2005 6:25pm for As Time Goes By

Hm. I hope Harry isn't going to act like a House Elf in public. That would be outrageous. Maybe okay when he was a kid, but common sense kicks in somewhere, right?

I don't mind him being capable of elf magic though. ;-)


Manatheron posted a comment on Wednesday 30th November 2005 8:12am for As Time Goes By

He's DEAD and it still held?

thats scary

Malaskor posted a comment on Wednesday 30th November 2005 1:53am for As Time Goes By

Simply great :)
I love this AU, no continuity mix-ups and so well written, it simply draws me in.

patrik svensson posted a comment on Tuesday 29th November 2005 9:16pm for As Time Goes By

Great story,
keep upp the good work.

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