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whydoyouhavetoknow posted a comment on Saturday 19th April 2014 6:04am for Quidditch

Harry's principles are extremely well principled.

Paul Millsted posted a comment on Sunday 19th October 2008 5:22pm for Quidditch

Love the interaction between Dumbles and all the changes the Addams are creating its one of the most fun plot lines running through this great story

kyoshi711 posted a comment on Thursday 14th August 2008 5:26am for Quidditch

I love how you made Mr. Adam sound like him on the T.V. show. Excellent work!

dzio posted a comment on Tuesday 27th November 2007 12:24pm for Quidditch

"Quirrell’s dead. I killed him," said Harry flatly.

"I assume you had reason," said Uncle Gomez. "You can’t go killing teachers just because you don’t like their class, you know."

"He was holding Wednesday hostage," said Harry.

"And he was going to feed Hermione to a huge dog, and use us to trip booby-traps," said Pugsley.

"He had Voldemort on the back of his head," said Wednesday.

"Two-faced, eh? In that case, he needed killing. Congratulations, Harry!" said Uncle Gomez, handing Harry a cigar.

Ok, that one's a classic. :D

Darn, woke my brother again. Where's a nice little Silencio when you need it...

dhampirkinfolk posted a comment on Tuesday 30th October 2007 2:45pm for Quidditch

I love this story. It makes me happy. Addams'belong in the wizarding world. Mostly because wizards are in general really stupid, and Addams'do such creative things to stupid people. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue this!

Lara Quinn posted a comment on Saturday 27th October 2007 8:16am for Quidditch

An amazing cross-over. This series should not be abandoned. Please continue if possible. Thanks for hours of pleasure reading this story so far.

darkangel628 posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd October 2007 5:14am for Quidditch

please write i'm bored

Bruce Shipman posted a comment on Thursday 18th October 2007 10:11am for Quidditch

Are you going to pick this up again for NaNoWriMo? I'm sure there are an awful lot of us that are hoping you do!

cookiegestapo posted a comment on Monday 15th October 2007 12:12pm for Quidditch

Oh god, please continue.
I've gone and fallen in love with this story only to be left high and dry.
Do say you'll update some time soon.
I've quickly become addicted to this story y'know.

Joseph Fritz posted a comment on Saturday 13th October 2007 12:21pm for Quidditch

Great story! Please post more soon!

Katsuhito posted a comment on Sunday 30th September 2007 9:11pm for Quidditch

Love the story, especially the dueling scene with Malfoy. I can just picture Harry going all "Gomez" on Draco with a little bit of Carey Ewig mixed in ("Parry, parry, thrust... Good, Malfoy. My turn!" <begin chase scene - chaos ensues>) Also interesting is how you have some of the other Slytherins (quidditch team) acting like they're real people, instead of blocks of wood with IQs to match.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Christopher Davison posted a comment on Sunday 30th September 2007 2:01pm for Quidditch

This story is great please update soon.

needlessnoodles posted a comment on Tuesday 25th September 2007 12:17pm for Quidditch

This was exactly what I was looking for when I searched for a story. It's been great so far. I'd love to read even more Addams interaction with Hogwarts. Like what the students think of Morticia, Gomez and Fester. I kept having this vision of Gomez and Harry doing sword play and Uncle Fester getting a hold of something that blows up inside him.

Dark Topaz posted a comment on Tuesday 25th September 2007 5:52am for Quidditch

please update pretty please with a sugar scull on top.

power214063 posted a comment on Monday 24th September 2007 9:13pm for Quidditch

please update soon

simons_flower posted a comment on Monday 24th September 2007 4:40am for Quidditch

Rereading this for the first time in a while and just wanted to make a comment.

I've really enjoyed what you've done with it so far, the crossover is very believable and almost seamlessly integrated. I love a good "what if?" scenario.

Can't wait for the next chapter...whenever it's ready.

darkangel628 posted a comment on Saturday 22nd September 2007 12:59am for Quidditch

please update i am so BORED!!!!


Hutcho7188 posted a comment on Sunday 16th September 2007 9:24pm for Quidditch

hey whats the go? its like a ghost site here. are you looking at posting any updates soon? seriously the withdrawal be damned i've resorted to reading crap-grade fanfics as a quick fix until i get another hit of decent fanfiction. so heres me, a fanfic addict, begging you to PLEASE post an update soon.

pyrodaemon posted a comment on Wednesday 12th September 2007 5:59pm for Quidditch

The Addams Family and Harry Potter, I can tell you that's one I've *never* even dreamed up, let alone read. I loved the way you mixed and mashed it all together and made it it's only little thing. Your a wonderful writer and I can't wait to see more from you.

hjdevnull posted a comment on Wednesday 5th September 2007 3:23am for Quidditch

Wow, this is definitely a different AU than normal! I'm really liking it a lot. You do a great job with Harry and the Addamses, or however one would pluralize that last name. Even the tertiary characters are dynamic and interesting. And I'm really glad you didn't character-bash Ron, as most Slytherin-Harry stories do.

Can't wait for the next chapter of this story.