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goldman77700 posted a comment on Tuesday 10th November 2009 9:12am

Hilarious story, after all the hell he went through and having this happily ever after wish come to him, Harry SHOULD speak openly and what he thinks of others. Some others complained that he was rude to the DEAD but I say to them if I could that he was being honest as well and they're DEAD they've already lost the most important they could have--their lives. Alittle criticism isn't gonna do shit to them anyway. Congratulations to having a Harry Potter happily ever after ending that isn't cliche. XD

HellsMaji posted a comment on Sunday 8th November 2009 11:31am

Haha, nice. I was expecting him to pick Hedwig, just not that he'd turn into an owl. And kudos on the Post Owl Rebellion, very nice touch. Make a story about it? If you haven't already.

Chindabe posted a comment on Tuesday 21st July 2009 10:27am

*snickers* LOL. The next Dark Lord was killed by OWLS. XDDDD

Cat Feral posted a comment on Monday 11th May 2009 5:57am

**Twenty years later, the reign of the Dark Lord Iyanos the Merciless was ended by the Great Post Owl Rebellion. But that's another story.** I do hope you're going to write that story someday, Ishtar!

oregonbird posted a comment on Tuesday 21st April 2009 6:03pm

How do you do this? Pure fluff, crackfic (if totally in line with my own interpretation of canon) and dismissable. Except it isn't. You go and write responsibly, and in depth, and with wit.

No Snape!

dimriver posted a comment on Monday 16th March 2009 10:34am

You know the scary thing is I guessed right after reading the summary. Must be because I saw the squid story first, and it only seemed natural.

Saya posted a comment on Monday 2nd February 2009 7:24am

Sadly when you really think things through - this story does make perfect sense... It reflects why I have such a hard time picking a favorite pairing, and tending to read completely AU stuff instead of stuff the supposedly canon compliant... Ok so obviously being home sick has put me in a very odd mood so no more reflection on how everyone did Harry wrong in so many ways...

kyoshi711 posted a comment on Saturday 6th December 2008 7:01am

story sucked

rogue7 posted a comment on Monday 29th September 2008 8:39am

Nice, I was sort of expecting the wish to work the other way, but it's still a great ending :)

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Friday 12th September 2008 11:32am

It was a bit harsh on the people around him, but he did have good cause to be and I loved the ending! Brilliant work!

Kitiara posted a comment on Thursday 14th August 2008 8:36am

*snickers* have you ever considered writing a sequel? or like, just a blurb about how the "great post owl rebellion" actually happened? XD lol, never really liked ginny...

Tabi posted a comment on Monday 11th August 2008 10:33am

Only one word: Brilliant!

abraxis posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd July 2008 9:38am

Damn!! This has the most logical and, might I add, perfect pairing for Harry that anyone has written anywhere!

crazynuts16 posted a comment on Wednesday 18th June 2008 9:46am

WTF!!!!!!!..........funny but wad da fukkk!!!!

liquidfyre posted a comment on Tuesday 10th June 2008 4:20pm

Ever intend to tell the story of Iyanos?

Ishtar replied:

Nope.   I'm leaving it up to the readers' imagination - I'm not sure I could do justice to it.

Vukk posted a comment on Monday 9th June 2008 11:51am

One of the funnier one-shots around. Until you said the one was with Harry, even when he was at Private Drive, there was only Hedwig left.

ALIJJ posted a comment on Wednesday 21st May 2008 6:39am

Brilliant, a good laugh at the end, have you ever thought of doing a one shot of the "Great Owl post rebellion" It would be intresting to say the least dont ya think.

Eric Oppen posted a comment on Saturday 10th May 2008 7:38am

I have to agree with a lot of my learned friend Cat Feral's commentary on this story. While Harry had good reasons for choosing as he did, he was unnecessarily hurtful to a lot of people.

That said---his shout-out to Cedric Diggory showed some serious class. A lot of people forget that Ced was the true Hogwarts champion; even in the story, for no fault of his own, he's overshadowed by Harry's fame. And my heart just bled for his father in the movie, when Amos found out that his boy was dead.

noylj posted a comment on Monday 28th April 2008 7:58am

Very good, though I would have considered Luna at least for a second.
Your way was best. A human Hedwig would not have gotten Harry into a place of happiness, because there would still be idiots, bigots, and sheeple in the world. Much better off as birds...

Prongs1977 posted a comment on Thursday 27th March 2008 3:25am