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Kila9Nishika posted a comment on Tuesday 14th September 2010 6:06pm

BRILLIANT! Please, please, please update!!

loretta537 posted a comment on Wednesday 21st July 2010 3:46pm

this is a great story! i cant wait to read more, please update it soon

NaiveGhost posted a comment on Monday 12th July 2010 2:48pm

Great story. Keep writing!
I've been looking for a story with house elves rasing Harry. ;-)

Forever&3moreSeconds posted a comment on Tuesday 18th May 2010 12:32pm

Of course, we'd need another chapter for 'Harry's handkerchief', as you put it.
Great story, keep it going.

NeilDingley posted a comment on Monday 15th March 2010 3:43pm

Excellent story so far hope to read more soon, but will Harry's House Elf magic make a showing at Hogwarts soon.

Keats449 posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd March 2010 2:47am

Given that's it been close to 4 years since this story has been updated, I'm not holding out much hope to see it completed, which is a shame, because this is a wonderful fic and ending with that cliffhanger is just plain mean :D. My guess is that Harry used the house-elf magic that he picked up as a child and 'popped' away.

So many good things with this fic, your characterizations are good, I especially like how you make Harry clever and competent for his age without making him superpowered or a boy genius.

"And Hermione told Padma who told Parvati who told Lavender who told anybody else who would listen that the repudiation was all a mistake, and Harry Potter had asked Hermione Granger to be his Lady Fair. And all the girls sighed and said how romantic it all was, and all the boys shuddered and resolved not to save any girls’ lives if they could possibly avoid it."
^I admit, I laughed out loud after reading that.

David Thacker posted a comment on Tuesday 26th January 2010 7:23pm

Are you still writing I know you are help Kinsfire but we miss you and your stories?

aemilyl24 posted a comment on Monday 23rd November 2009 7:41am

This story is so it abandoned? I hope not, I love it so much. Keep up the awesome work, and please update soon!!

Anansii posted a comment on Wednesday 4th November 2009 9:31am

Just reread this for the third time (I like it) - if it's not been abandoned you know it is beginning to give a pretty good impression of it. ARE you going to continue this, or am I going to spend the rest of my life wondering a) where Harry vanished to and b) what about his handkerchief? :)

tjroelse posted a comment on Wednesday 16th September 2009 9:01pm

Keep up the good work.

Clell65619 posted a comment on Saturday 1st August 2009 2:59am

Ok, this is a brilliant story, with possibly the most adult presentation of Snape and Sirius I've ever read.

- Looking forward to the next chapter.

WBH21C posted a comment on Monday 27th July 2009 10:26pm

So very well done!

WBH21C posted a comment on Friday 17th July 2009 12:30am

Very well done!

dennisud posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2009 12:50pm

So far a great story with alot of directions it can take and its still before X-mas first year!

You HVAE to continue this one and keep the Quartet together throughout!!

Well maybe add Luna later on!


Harriverse posted a comment on Tuesday 30th June 2009 1:44am

You are an awesome and creative writer!!! This is fantastic writing and I hope that whatever is happening in your life, you can return to continue writing about Harry in the future. Snape is coming across quite noble, Sirius has one of the more interesting lives I've ever read; Peter is explained in a way that justifies his position in this story and Harry is just too good to be!!! Here's hoping your muse (not must) is rested and interested in returning to work. I thought the other story was good, but now after reading this one, I'll just have to work through your site.

oregonbird posted a comment on Tuesday 21st April 2009 4:15pm

Transported to another world... better than the original. I'm so glad you learned the alphabet!

applejax_26 posted a comment on Wednesday 18th February 2009 3:55pm

i can't wait to see where you go with this story. it's all very exciting, and oh so interesting. in fact, i have never encountered a huffelpuff!harry story. kudos on branching out. i also like the plot twists, like how it was a chimera and a flight of stairs instead of fluffy and a trapdoor and the whole idea of the mini marauders is also very nice.
waiting impatiently,

Aflibble posted a comment on Sunday 15th February 2009 10:41am

please, please, please update! this is a fantastically fun story to read keep up the good work.

miahtech posted a comment on Saturday 13th December 2008 10:55pm

I liked family, but I really really like this one. I see it hasn't been updated in quite a while. Any chance we'll see more?

Sandrine Lupin posted a comment on Wednesday 12th November 2008 10:47pm

this was great.
I hope you will continue this story soon.
I'm sad because Ihave read a lot of stories really well written (this story is one of them) and all the stories that I like are not updated often. (I like also familly values by the way)
So I don't know what to read know.
I know that it is very difficult to write a story and a good one even more but when you are a reader it's hard to wait.
So good luck for the next chapters.