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Badgerlady posted a comment on Wednesday 16th September 2015 12:45pm

This is fabulous. Original plot, beautifully written, with spot-on characterizations. I can hardly wait for more.

Dale Dietzman posted a comment on Saturday 12th September 2015 6:18pm


We're all going into withdrawal out here. Please, please don't let this be another "Family Values".

Viridian posted a comment on Thursday 10th September 2015 12:43pm

Congratulations, you just blew my mind.

<<Your skill at plot-twist has advanced +1>>

karis_tasogare posted a comment on Monday 7th September 2015 7:46am

really hard story to read, mostly due to the lettering, somehow the font doesnt display correctly. menaing the lines are almost on top of each other.

Jonn_Wolfe posted a comment on Sunday 6th September 2015 6:55pm

This is masterfully brilliant. I do hope it continues, eventually. I would love to see the reactions everyone will have at his reveal. I have a feeling that Sherlock/Harry, even through the surguries, is at his actual appearance as he should have been. Harry looked too much like his father for it not to be a set up of some sort. This would be readily explained if his metamorph ability was frozen as an infant.

At any rate, this is wonderful, and I hope it continues!

corwalch posted a comment on Sunday 6th September 2015 11:47am

Love it. hope there will be more soon

Frank Hacklander posted a comment on Sunday 6th September 2015 12:49am

I am so happy that you are writing again. You were very much missed. Whether it was Addams Family Values or some other stories, you had a voice that was singular and persuasive. Gods above, I very much liked everything you did. As for the extant tale, I am not sure what to make of it. Granted the writing is phenomenal but where are you going? Will Harry/Sherlock reveal all or will he remain hidden? Clearly a major plot point but gads, do we have to do this all the time? Good luck with what ever direction you choose, just glad to be around for a part of the tour.

pilotg21969 posted a comment on Saturday 5th September 2015 12:02pm

A most excellent crossover. I am particularly enjoying your characterizations. I look forward with anticipation to seeing where you will go with story.

anonymous5 posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2015 8:36am

So, um, is Bellatrix's kid then Moriarty?

TGinAZ posted a comment on Wednesday 26th August 2015 2:05pm

Thank Heaven! Something different AND interesting! Keep it up!

keichan2 posted a comment on Wednesday 26th August 2015 4:44am

I will confess that I was half expecting for Gabrielle to somehow recognize Sherlock as Harry, thanks to some mysterious Veela power… (saved her -> link between them…)

“I was wondering when you two were going to realize that” *snort* Bwahahahahaha!

Thanks for the new chapter!

I hope to read more soon!

Ishtar replied:

I've got quite enough tropes to flog in this without dragging in "mysterious veela powers". Bad enough I made Fleur an inveterate matchmaker!

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Monday 24th August 2015 7:03am

A well written introduction of the Order.

cleats63 posted a comment on Sunday 23rd August 2015 6:41pm

Really enjoying this so far. The various side stories are interesting as well: what happened to Snape, who put the block on Harry/Sherlock, why is his appearance so different, how many other JRRT references will there be, etc?

Thanks for writing - Cleats63

Amamama posted a comment on Sunday 23rd August 2015 9:09am

Oooohhh! *wide grin* This is brilliant stuff. Love the interactions with the different people, how Snape was taken care of, Molly's shock at seeing him, F&G and Fleur testing him, Ginny and Gabrielle and Tonks and ... All. Of. It. And this finish, with Mary's calm comment "I was wondering when you two were going to realise that." Brilliant, really. Great fun.

While waiting for this chapter I reread them all (and had a great time), and now I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Again. Thank you!

Tenchifew posted a comment on Sunday 23rd August 2015 6:47am

Glad to see a new chapter of this fascinating story!

...and they just so happen to have an accomplished assassin in the room, don't they.

Thank you for writing.

Ishtar replied:

Convenient, isn't it?

Glad you're enjoying it!

DrT posted a comment on Sunday 23rd August 2015 3:58am

Another excellent chapter. I will point out, however, that since Hobbits also grew 'taters' (as they were called in the books), they could smoke tobacco. Of course, I would agree that some of the characters were likely smoking something else!

Ishtar replied:

Maybe that's what Neville and John were arguing about. :-)  (I'l admit I had forgotten about the 'taters.)

Kaerion posted a comment on Sunday 23rd August 2015 3:11am

Very interesting chapter!

I'm intrigued by the whole Snape thing, even though I have no idea what it might lead to, but the best part of the chapter was definitely finding out what's been going on with all the HP characters since Harry disappeared, and I'm hoping we'll get to know at least some of them a lot better in the future.

In general, I'm also very happy with how big of a role you've given Mary in this, since she's such an awesome and fascinating character, and since her skills will obviously be quite useful going forward.

Already looking forward to the next chapter, so keep up the great work! This is easily the best way I can imagine getting my Sherlock fix, at least until the Christmas special in a few months. :)

Ishtar replied:

So many Sherlock fics wallow in Mary hatred. I wanted to do something a little different. Yeah, she's done some not-nice things.Yeah, she's selfish and wants what she wants and thinks life owes her a little something. And yeah, shooting Sherlock was a really stupid thing to do and it's going to affect things for a long time to come - you don't get over something like that rapidly, and while John will trust her behind his back with a gun, he still doesn't trust her behind Sherlock's back with a gun, and she knows it. At least they've both gotten past that "we're a normal suburban couple" phase that was driving them both nuts.

Greg Johnson posted a comment on Saturday 22nd August 2015 8:15pm

Another great chapter, can't wait for the next one! Thanks for posting.

20cent posted a comment on Friday 21st August 2015 9:25pm

Really nice story, the Harry/Sherlock character is really interesting !

Amamama posted a comment on Thursday 20th August 2015 1:02am

So, thirsty for an update and yearning for a fun fic to read - but not caring to sift through loads of fics with bad spelling to find something good, I decided to start over on this one. Which was a good choice. So much that slipped past me when I read it the first time. Like Wainwright managing to throw "Obliviate!" into the magical vortex that harry dove into. No wonder Sherlock remembers nothing about being Harry. Can an old obliviation be undone? Now that Harry's magic is pushing its way forward, and I'm sure we'll see Ducky checking up on Sherlock, and will he spot the obliviation spell? No wonder Harry's magic figured the safest thing was to block itself to keep Harry safe. Blasted wizards and their tracking spells - and their condescending, superior attitude towards teens pointing out uncomfortable truths.