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Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 12:22pm

Great chapter. I like that there is a charmed communication system to let the Aadams' know about things that the Headmaster won't. The man would have better luch with Gomez and Morticia if he would be hinest and forthright.

Of course, wr know that won't happen.

Thanks for writing.

Mike (MoA)

Adam Call posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 12:19pm

That chapter was awesome! Welcome back by the way! Missed ya! Anyway, great work on the chapter, I loved the idea of Thing being at Hogwarts. Keep everyone on their toes. Keep up the great work and update soon! Adam/MrHotShotGolfer

Gardengirl posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 12:18pm

Fan-freaking-tastic! I was wondering if you would be posting more any time soon, and here it is! I loved the Quidditch tryout, loved Gomez trying to toss Snape a bone, looking forward to Malfoy getting sorted out, Addams style. More, soon, please?

RedPat posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 12:04pm

Excellent! Nice work with Malfoy, and the Quidditch was lovely. I can even see Snape softening...kindof...a little. A Slytherin's a Slytherin, after all. "Up Slytherin"

Jeremy DuCharme posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 12:02pm

Thing as an unoffical Slythertin mascot?

Snape then gave Harry a detention and informed him that he was not to bring Thing to Potions class any more. Harry agreed, and from then on, Thing rode in Pugsley’s school bag.

Yep, exploit any loophole, no matter how small. Smart Slytherin move.

I nearly joined Blaise on the floor when Harry made the 'battle of wits with an unarmed man' comment, in Italian. A twist I certainly didn't think of. And as for the language club how is Hermione's circle of friends doing outside of the Potter-Addams trio?

Loved the Snape-McGonagall interplay. "I don't like your snakes, but this is Quiditch"

Flint's evaluation feels true, much different from Wood's. OTOH Flint has a competive team with experienced players, ISTM in Harry's first year they didn't have a good seeker, or he graduated, and they had no good prospects. Even Harry, as good as he is isn't enough to bump the current Seeker off his slot. The Addams seem to fall into 'good looking future prospects'.

Snape's balancing his Potter life debt. Will he get his head stuck even further up his ass, stay the same, or maybe think that this Potter is different from his Nemesis? Would he even stoop to talking to Lupin about The Boy, just to get a bit of a handle on him?

Sonicdale posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 12:02pm

Yay! Another chappie.
With Qidditch too.
Oook. This is gonna get good.
It just goes along with what I've been saying for years ... Quidditch trancends even tattoos on a wrist.

Good work.

Prince Charon posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 12:01pm

Interesting. Very much so.

Thank you for the update.

More soon, please.

Cuey posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 12:00pm

Nice chapter. I was hoping you were going to update soon, I'll admit you had me nervous.

I wonder if you have any plans made for Thing since you brought him to the castle. All I have to go by is that this chapter was titled "Gathering Allies", and the image of Thing choking Malfoy is an amusing one. Is that a real chapter-name from Sun Tzu's book?

The language club is an original idea, and it should be interesting to see the Addams/Harry interacting with other intelligent children for a change.

Ah, quidditch. No fic is complete without some mention of that fine sport with the crazy rules. Winning the Quidditch Cup will certainly help Harry's popularity within Slytherin. It looks like Malfoy will be on the outs fairly soon, since even if he bribes the team with Nimbus 2001's Harry could simply buy better brooms for the team.

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 11:53am

Hmmm. Snape is a bastard, but he does have some
potential. They just have to corrupt him first.

Darrell1 posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 11:42am

Ahh pulled the bludger one a little earlier than expected, but thats ok. And him being put on the reserve team is a little different. Can't wait to see what happens when Malfoy tries to buy his way on the team next year.

Ronnie McMains posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 11:36am

So, now that Snape's debt is paid, will he make any attempt to pull the stick out of his *&^%?

Poor Dobby, went and stole his idea. Now what is he going to do next year? ^_^;

Finbar posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 11:35am

OOOOOOooooo... I liked how he is winning Snape over and the Headmaster is all off balance.
Will we see Gomez at work in th eDiagon Alley trust meeting? Considering he has 3 Votes ot Lucius' 1, He would have a lovely time running Lucius ragged, trying to cover his ass. After all, how much has Lucius embezled from the trust? Sounds like the sort of creative bookkeeping that Gomez would spot right away, Blackmail Lucius with then when he gets what he wants, have Lucius arrested and charged. Of course, Lucius has enough political clout to get off, but really, only just. He would have to burn most of his political capital to do so. Plot bunny?

Great chapter, I'm looking foreward to the next one

MasterBralia posted a comment on Sunday 17th December 2006 11:26am

I hope you're going to update this story soon... I definetly like it. It's a lot of fun reading this :) Hope you'll get the next chapter up soon!

Ishtar replied:

Ask and ye shall receive.   Next chapter is up!

frat posted a comment on Saturday 16th December 2006 10:52am

The time frames for Wednesday and Pugsley are completly impossible for Pugsley To be two and Wednesday to be a few weeks older than harry cause harry's age is 1 year and three mioths which means Wednesday was born roughly two to four months after Pugsley. unless of course that is just the weirdness of the adams family

Ishtar replied:

Pugsley was born in September of 1979 (let's call it September 5).   Wednesday was born a couple of weeks after Harry, on  August 14,  1980,  eleven months and nine days  after Pugsley.   Yet because Hogwarts' cutoff date for attendance is September 1, they are all in the same year.   On December 22, 1981, when Harry came to the Addamses, Harry was seventeen months and three weeks old.   Wednesday was seventeen months and one week  old.     And Pugsley was twenty-seven months and two weeks  old, having turned two the previous September 5.   Pugsley and Hermione, who   both turn 12 in September of 1991, are among the oldest in their year, while Harry and Wednesday, who both turned 11 just before September of 1991, are among the youngest.

Jarvey posted a comment on Friday 15th December 2006 4:45pm

Excellent story, very entertaining. I look forward to the next update!

Arthur Hansen posted a comment on Friday 15th December 2006 4:39pm

I love this! Terribly great and can't wait to see more! :)

james martinez posted a comment on Friday 15th December 2006 4:33pm

plz plz plz plz continue

Ella posted a comment on Friday 15th December 2006 10:30am

This is the first time i have read a crossover with harry potter and the addams family. At first i didn't think i would like it, but then i started to read it, and i loved it. I can't wait until the next chapter :D

Dale Dietzman posted a comment on Friday 15th December 2006 1:43am

I know that the Holiday season makes it hard as Real Life interfers, but could you sneak another Chapter in before the year ends, as a Christmas Present to all your fans?

Slytherin_Shaman posted a comment on Wednesday 13th December 2006 4:55pm

Awesomes... I've had my mom and brother raving about this fic for weeks now and it only just got recced on the Slytherin_Rising listserve... So with that rec, I finally threw in the towel and started reading...
Not shabby... Less than a day to get through all of it.
I'm SO looking forward to more. ^_^ While my brother's HP/Addams XOver is good, this is just great, so yeah...
Rambling... I'm off to bed.
~Slytherin Shaman

Ishtar replied:

There's another HP/Addams xover?     I've only ever found one (which died on before Harry ever met the Addamses) and a couple of drabbles.   Is your brother posting it, and if so, where?