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Hells Angel posted a comment on Thursday 24th July 2008 1:34pm

Loved this chapter like the previous one!! dumbledore's suffering was just hilarious! And the situations and changes within the castle! It is very original and entertaining (a wonder no one ever thought of them before!!!)

Hope to see more of it soon! =))

Hells Angel posted a comment on Thursday 24th July 2008 1:12pm

oka, I was going to wait untill i finishes reading the next chapter before leaving a review but that is impossible...This chapter was completely amazing!! it had me rolling with laughter!! I absolutely loved it!! The whole story is fulfiling my secret desire of seeing Dumbledore outsmarted and outwitted!! I love the Addams and how you portray them =))

The parent teacher association meeting...that was definetely my favourite scene! And Mr. Gomez dealing with Malfoy was wonderful!

So...before I continue writing an essay on how much I am loving your fic I am going to go onto the next chapter! =))

Mechconstrictor posted a comment on Thursday 24th July 2008 12:16pm

Pretty good. I'd been looking for this update for a while. I do have to say that this is one of the better stories that I've read. Keep at it. I await the the next chapter.

Silo posted a comment on Thursday 24th July 2008 11:23am

ncie hope to see more

Ginger posted a comment on Thursday 24th July 2008 6:35am

Oh and now Tim is getting into the mix of Addams/HP crossover fics. You know you want to write more before he does his...Right? More Family Values please.

Holly posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd July 2008 8:53am

You updated!!! This is one of my favorite stories. I'm glad inspiration has struck. Keep up the great work.

Silo posted a comment on Thursday 17th July 2008 1:23am

i hope u update soon man i relly like this fic and the ship hope to see more of them soon

fyrecat posted a comment on Tuesday 15th July 2008 1:01pm

I have just read your entire story (thus far) and am completely enamored!
I can really hear the voices from the original Addams Family TV series as I read their words here in your story. You have captured them all perfectly! And what a fun Idea to have Harry raised by them! I LOVE it!!!
I have found just a few typos and spelling errors, (including the gread hall) which, being the Virgo that I am, I corrected while I read, just so it wouldn't drive me nuts. I must really compliment you on your level of literacy! So many Fanfic authors are so barely-literate that I can't stand to read more than a few chapters. Thank you!
If you are interested in having a copy of my edited version, please feel free to contact me.
Thanks again for a great story and a fun read!
Oh! and for your muse; please find, enclosed with this review, a HUGE plate of Muse-Brownies as a thank you and enticement to come back more often!

Eric Oppen posted a comment on Tuesday 15th July 2008 12:54pm

Was the "shooting at bubbles" thing a tip of the hat to Viridian's _Nightmares of Futures Past?_

SassyFrass posted a comment on Saturday 12th July 2008 2:14pm

This is a really fun story. I love the idea of Harry being raised by the Addams'. It just cracks me up.
And having them take over the school, and Diagon Alley and so forth is just icing on the cake.

Arinor posted a comment on Wednesday 9th July 2008 4:27pm

Most interesting......

Corinn posted a comment on Saturday 5th July 2008 10:24am

This story is absolutely, wickedly delightful. I look forward to future Dumbledore migraines as Tradition is subverted by good old fashioned Addams prerogative to blow "normal" out of the water.

The Resident posted a comment on Thursday 3rd July 2008 5:31pm

Another Excellent chapter. You've truly captured the Addams Family and the wonderful way you have interwoven it with HP is exceptionally entertaining. I eagerly look forward to the next chapter and dread when the story is finished and there will be no more chapters to look forward to.

abraxis posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd July 2008 9:10am

I usually pass on cross-overs but had to give this one a try. The idea of Harry as a member of the Addams Family was too intriquing.

I congratulate you on doing a bang to rights job of combining the two fandoms. Your characterizations of the Family are right on. It always blew my mind that they were the most loving, protective family on TV at the time (and yes that judgement includes the Cleavers where Mr. and Mrs. acted more like brother and sister than a married couple.) while being so outside the range accepted as 'normal'. They were the perfect choice to give Harry all the loving care possible while giving him a large leg up on how to deal with psychopathic Dark Lords.

I love the way they are turning the British wizarding world on its ear - especially Lucius - and am laughing myself silly at the way they have Albus wrapping his own chain around the tree without realizing what he's doing until it's a done deal.

Thank you for a wonderful read. I'm waiting anxiously for your continuing updates.

Silo posted a comment on Monday 30th June 2008 8:33am

come on man update soon i love this fic

carlos20dgm posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 7:36pm

good history

that good that returned I congratulate you for the dedication and waiting that you don't leave it so much time again

Register posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 8:54am

YAY! You updated! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was waiting and waiting . . .

I feel bad for Dumbledore. The Addamses come in and toss everything up into the air and now he's left catching it as it call comes back down. Granted, I like the changes, but it's a lot to suddenly pile on the old man and he's already so busy with simply running things.

And Gomez getting Harry drunk? Priceless! I loved that. Anyone else might say, "No, don't feel depressed, you're still good, it's okay, buck up," and so on. It wouldn't have made Harry feel much better. Gomez says, "Hey, you're depressed, let's get drunk!" It was poetry. Drunken poetry.

Looking forward to the next chapter,

Jeadren posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 4:31am

A long-awaited and much appreciated new chapter! ^_^ well done, and good job on keeping the story moving after the first Voldemort confrontation. There was only a small problem in the latest chapter (17), in the first section, paragraph eleven. There is a slight typo in the line: "Returning to the school, he had a second, proper luncheon in the Gread hall..." Other than that, it's up to your usual excellent standard. You have a talent for making the cannon characters react to some deliciously non-cannon situations in ways that make sense.

Clell65619 posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 2:06am

Ok, this is absolutely the best crossover I've ever read, you've got the manic insanity of Gomez down pat (I swear I hear John Astin's voice when ever you've got Gomez running roughshod over Dumbledore.)

I believe you've got a unique take on Dumbledore in this story as well... I've seen Infallible!Dumbledores, Evil!Dumbledores, Manipulative!Dumbledores but never a Having Trouble Dealing!Dumbledore. Fantastic, and thank you.

Hekate101 posted a comment on Friday 27th June 2008 10:37pm

!!! I love this fic, and love this chapter even more. Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad...yes, yes, that allusion works here. Lovely characterisation, wonderful "High Ho"-ing, and I point and laugh at Dumbledore. The goblins, the dwarves, the elves....HAHAHA! Flitwick is great. Also...the elves. I can't get over the elves. *enormous grin* This is a wonderful chapter, and I can only cross my fingers and hope your Muse doesn't run of to the Bermuda Triangle.