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Puidwen posted a comment on Friday 9th November 2007 12:33pm

i'm still so loveing this story

irishfighter21 posted a comment on Thursday 8th November 2007 9:12am

Awesome chapter, can't wait for more.

Cat Feral posted a comment on Thursday 8th November 2007 6:21am

YAAAYYY! Another chapter! And I really like this one! I've always thought someone really needed to take Snape in hand, regarding his teaching style! Go, Grandmama!

Eudora Frump

Ah, so that's the "Frump" connection!

The point is that at eleven, it isn’t always obvious which students are Apprentice material and which aren’t. Even that Longbottom boy could surprise you.


At first, I couldn't understand why Lucius was falling into line so easily - then I realized. Gomez may have exposed his shady dealings (and just plain incompetence) to Fudge, Mrs. Longbottom, and the Goblins, but he has not yet given the news to the general wizarding public! Ah, blackmail... it's a beautiful thing!

"Two it is, then. Professor McGonagall has been most helpful with the organisation of this visit, and I hope we may continue to rely on her assistance." Mrs Addams nodded almost regally at Minerva, who returned the nod graciously. "We would also like to thank Mr Filch, who has done a remarkable job of preparing the castle for our visit."

There was a small round of applause, and Argus Filch preened. It wasn’t often that he got any thanks for anything.

Ahhh! Yet another way of getting Filch on their side and keeping him there!

"It’s quite simple, Headmaster, I really don’t know why it hasn’t been tried before," the little woman said enthusiastically. "Before the beginning of the school year, tests are made to see what level the children are already functioning at. How much they already know. So if a student already knows about Charms, say, they could be placed in a Charms class that is teaching new material for that student. The rest of his classes could be with his year. And it means he’ll be meeting and getting to know students in years other than his own, as well. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?"

"But you are aware, madam, that a child’s knowledge could easily outstrip his developing power? The spells are generally taught in a certain order so that a child won’t get depressed by attempting spells he isn’t capable of casting yet."

"But power development varies among children too, doesn’t it? So we simply test them for casting ability as well as theory and place them where the lower of the two tests says they should be. Additionally, the testing will prepare them for O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s later on. It’s a … what did you call it, Morticia? A win-win situation!"

"But what about the other children? Won’t they resent their peers being advanced over them?"

"If I may, Headmaster," Mr Granger raised his hand to attract attention. "We’ve recently been through this with our daughter, Hermione, who was an advanced student in the, er, Muggle schools. It has been our experience that the other children don’t resent a student being advanced so much as they resent the more advanced child being in their own classes, showing them up.

Amen, again! Now that you mention it, I wonder why there are no Advanced Placement classes at Hogwarts? (Because Hermione would have made friends with the kids she met in those classes, and not been so ready to fall in with Harry and Ron, that's why!)

"Mr Addams, I’m aware that as guardian of Harry Potter you have access to his family funds, but I don’t believe it is appropriate for you to use them to—" Dumbledore was sweating slightly; he could see the impressive number of digits on the draft Addams was holding out to him, and he had to admit he was tempted.

That's jumping to some pretty hasty conclusions, Dumbles!

Something I've been wondering about: We've heard (through Draco's point of view) that Wednesday is "struggling" in a couple of her classes. We've now been told that she does better on tests than she does on her homework assignments. What I wonder is, is she really having problems, or is this her way of making sure that everyone - even her teachers - underestimate her a bit?

Anyway, thank you for updating! I'll probably have some more comments after a few more re-readings!

shadowmist posted a comment on Thursday 8th November 2007 1:37am

Awesome, great chappy! I liked the Dumbledore/PTA thing dynamics. Keep up the good work and update soon please!

atlantis-rob posted a comment on Wednesday 7th November 2007 9:48pm

Fabulous chapter Ishy....:P Great job with the results of the PTA meeting and gomez's railroading of the whole thing. The bit with snape was a total hoot I was laughing out loud! Cheers! Great to see more of this tale!

chazkame posted a comment on Wednesday 7th November 2007 8:06pm

OOOOOhh goodness!! i loved the way Mr. Adams outwitted albus AND lucius in one go!!!! LOL Go Adams!!

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Heh. Love the way you introduced Voldemort's connection to Harry. Too bad the actual books couldn't have gone somewhat like this. Great chapter.

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Well worth the wait.

Thank you

Hilary McKenna posted a comment on Wednesday 7th November 2007 9:09am

Brilliant, brilliant story telling. I'm loving how the Addams Family are out Slytherining the Slytherins and Dumbledore. Poor, poor Albus will have ulcers before they are done with him. Please, please write more soon!

aliciajd posted a comment on Wednesday 7th November 2007 7:22am

I love this! Really, really unexpected and excellent! I'm really looking forward to the next installement.

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can I just say how much I love this story. It's one of the few crossover stories that i think actually works. bravo.

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Another great chapter in this fun story.

Good job, keep it up!

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Hurray for Wednesday. Brilliant, dark, and "divine."

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Great chapter! I loved Grandmama being the renowned Potions Mistress. I also really enjoyed the meeting between the Parents Association and Dumbledore. I'm looking forward to reading more!

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And I thought that the first part of the chapter was the best... then I got to the second part... then I got to the very end. The last line creeps me out (but in a good way).

Anyway, excellent chapter. The best handling of Snape I've seen in a long time.

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Love the way you write Gomez, always did like him and you've written him to a T. In my opinion anyway.

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Holy Crap. This is a fantastic chapter. I love the maneuvering of Dumbles (Bloody Brilliant), The suggestions of the HPA, Granmamma's invective towards (and blackmailing of) Snape.

Also Love: Solidarity on the part of the kids, Remus' revelations, the immortality papers, CUNEIFORM! (Yay!) and Wednesday's Seeing Truth.

Thanks so much for writing,

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Cool! And ya know, I'm really not missing Ron that much...

Great job, loving the story.

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Hello there !

Just wondering where you heard of the Ogham script... I'm actually on holidays in Ireland in the Dingle peninsula where I just learned it exist, like yesterday, and I see your update last night...

I bough a book on it too, yesterday.

This is just soooo strange.

Anyway, like always the chapter is excellent and I'm just dying to read the next. But since I'm a good girl, I'll wait.