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Anthony May posted a comment on Thursday 14th August 2008 4:03am

Well I must say I was absolutely determined not to read this story. The idea of Harry with the Addams's was truly not enticing (For me). I know, to be part of means you are part of an elite group of writers - so I finally decided to give you a shot. I must say I owe you an apology for taking so long to read this story. You have done what I thought was the impossible. This is a great story and you are a great writer. I hope your next update is coming soon. You have me hooked. Keep up the great work - and thank you for the hours of enjoyment!

ladynight posted a comment on Friday 1st August 2008 1:50am

*Pouts* Ishtar... I'm sad over the little clifie... Can't wait for you to write some more. I love the terrorizing of Dumbledor... he drives me up the wall and the lengths that your characters go to benignly 'stick it to him' are refreshing.


The Crow posted a comment on Wednesday 30th July 2008 4:21pm

"That she is, boy, that she is. Shall I have her dish ye up some?"

"I’m afraid not now. I’m on escort duty at the moment, but perhaps later."

Wrong, this sounds.
Reverse it you must.

I like reading about a younger trio for a change. Refering to them as the 'tribe' makes us readers feel like a part of it too.
I lol'd at the LotR reference at the end of the chapter.

Overall, basically enjoying the fic, and seeing their little adventure this chapter and earlier chapters shows it can really stand on it's own without Hogwarts.


Ishtar replied:

Wrong it may sound but acceptable and correct it is.   Stay it will.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 30th July 2008 11:56am

The clementine is the EU cousin to the navel orange and are grown in Spain. Unlike the navel, clementines don't grow very large (a clementine is barely larger than a tangerine, while navel oranges can approach the size of large grapefruit). Clementine sightings (in North America) are typically in November and December, and usually in boxes of twelve. The poor pommie that Dumbles was interrogating is related to the clementine (both are citrus); atypically, it grows in colder climates (in North America, pommies are grown as far north as New York State; the northern section); it's entirely possible that the Particular Pommie that Morticia finally rescued from Dumbles' interrogation was grown near the castle. I've bought, and eaten, plenty of both; in fact, I buy some of each when they become available, as their seasons don't overlap.

Ishtar replied:

Note comments to the previous review about the actual range and botanical family of the pomegranate.   They are Mediterranean plants and would not survive in New York State (except maybe in a greenhouse, which really doesn't count).

Clementines are mandarin oranges, not navels, and they are extremely sweet and delicious.   I eat them like candy when they're in season.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 30th July 2008 11:41am

Oh, that's Utterly Priceless! Finding a way to work *gagh* onto the Hogwarts menu! (For the non-Klingon/non-goblins among you, gagh are akin to grubs/roaches, and are typically eaten while still alive; actually, grubs are in fact eaten as food in some parts of Africa and Asia *today* by humans. Doubt me all you want; check out the Travel Channel or the BBC......unless you're squeamish.) Awww; is poor Dumbles afwaid of a wittle bitty pommie? (Pomegranates are citrus, and related to the orange and the grapefruit; however, unlike either oranges or grapefruit, they don't spoil quickly, and their seeds are designed to be eaten. They can be found in most larger food stores, and even in outdoor markets in larger cities; my own first major exposure to them was at the 9th Street Market in Philly's Little Italy in 1979, and I pick some up *somewhere* every year.)

Ishtar replied:

It is always nice to see that people get my references; here I assumed that Goblins, being native underground dwellers, would likely eat things found underground - worms, grubs and the like.   Grubs are excellent protein sources, and as you point out, they're eaten in many places (including, apparently, in the Addams Family kitchen).

However, your pomegranate information is a bit off - first of all, it's not a citrus fruit, but a member of the rose family - the fruit resembles a giant rose hip. They were bred in the area of Persia and are Mediterranean plants, requiring a hot, dry climate.   They do l not grow in Northern climates such as England, much less Scotland. Morticia's pomegranate likely came from Spain.   In the U.S., they mostly grow in Arizona and California, though on the East Coast they grow as far north as Virgina (where Thomas Jefferson grew them) and (with coddling) Philadelphia.   A typical upstate New York winter, however, would kill them - they can't withstand a heavy freeze.

Clementines are lovely little fruits; they are a variety of mandarin orange, and I can eat them like candy, going through several boxes of them in the fall.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 30th July 2008 11:16am

When you want an adversary demolished, hire professionals. And the Addamses are VERY professional, make no mistake. What happened to Dumbledore/Snape/Lucius Malfoy at the first Parents' Weekend was as professional an op as anything the SAS (or even the SEALs) could ever run. Even better, the Addamses had the opposition lay most (if not all) the ground work.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 30th July 2008 10:14am

Scratch one Quirrelmort. Harry makes up with Fluffy, too. And all practically under Severus Snape's big beak.


Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 30th July 2008 9:26am

Poor Severus Snape. Pugsley, Wednesday, AND Harry in Slytherin, Then, throw in Draco looking less like a prince than more of a nearly-drowned Gilderoy Lockhart clone. If he were smart, he'd start the seventh-years on pain-relieving potions; he (and Dumbledore) are going to sorely need them!

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 30th July 2008 9:14am

Scratch one Horcrux (at least; it's certain the ring is one). Talk about payback; not only does Gomez Addams, Harry's proxy, control the Diagon Alley Trust, but by his position in the Trust, knock the Malfoy Alliance down quite a few pegs. (Can you say "Indian Getting"?) And talk about irony; the house that Gomez is renting is Riddle Manor! Oh, Tom; you are renting your ancestral home to your mortal enemy! This story has more plot reversals (for Riddle) than Nagini has scales!

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 30th July 2008 8:54am

A copperhead is indeed one of the deadliest snakes in the eastern United States (and is relatively common in both the northeastern and mid-Atlantic sections of the country); however, Dumbles obviously has No Idea that Harry is a Parselmouth. Since he has two strikes against him, Dumbles sends Remus Lupin, who is, amazingly, co-opted by the quirky Addams clan (much to, eventually, Dumbledore's horror, I'd wager).

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 30th July 2008 8:49am

Pugsley accidentally casting the A-K was decidedly Addams, as was Harry's Reaction ("Don't. Do. That. Again."). Harry Potter-Addams is definitely a far different wizard from Canon!Harry, and magical Britain won't have any idea what they are in for when they return. (Payback, with interest, for exporting the Beatles.)

ChocoholicWriter posted a comment on Tuesday 29th July 2008 10:27pm

Loving the fic. Never seen a Harry Potter/Addams Family crossover before. Update soon please.

cwejr posted a comment on Sunday 27th July 2008 3:07pm

Good. Now that your muse is back, lock them up. Don't let them escape again. If necessary, chain them to the wall, but whatever you do, don't let them get away. They were gone too long the last time.

I am really enjoying this story and am eager for the next chapter. So break out the whips and chains and make your muse earn their keep. Please.


hayeth posted a comment on Sunday 27th July 2008 8:00am

I started reading this story after I saw Jeconais's AN in "Perfect Slytherins" and it's not bad. There are a few part I would have like to see expanded or added such as Remus's POV and response to Dumbledore after he was caught by the Addams family, another would have been the conversation Gomez and Morticia would have given Wednesday and Harry about their betrothal and their view/feelings on that.

Also upon their arrival in England, it felt like Dumbledore was put on the back burner for a while and only just recently emerged as an obstacle again.

Part of me feels Wednesday is OOC but that may be because I haven't seen the Addams Family in quite some time.

Probably my favorite part in the story was when Harry defended Wednesday's honor after Malfoy insulted it. I felt the reactions and feelings of the characters was superb and hope to see something like that again in the future. Hell the whole betrothal could have led to Dumbledore vs Addams part 3, but it's probably too late now since it seems to have become common knowledge.

Other than that I don't see anything too glaring. So I'll look forward to more of this story in the future

cwejr posted a comment on Sunday 27th July 2008 4:20am

Wow, antique terminology. Makes me feel right at home. very good story, being read for the third or fourth time. Had to re-read it after Jeconais' story of the same name.

Dark Topaz posted a comment on Saturday 26th July 2008 1:48pm

yay update

dennisud posted a comment on Saturday 26th July 2008 10:22am

Wow what a neat mesh of the American Addam's oddball style with the HP reality.

I can't wait til Luna Lovegood shows up, I have the feeling she'll fit right in!

And what a way to deal with Voldy-rag!


shanedude posted a comment on Saturday 26th July 2008 10:02am

Man Remus is such a loser. I was hoping the Adams were going to kill him but then you made him a freind of the family. I don't unerstand how anyone could possibly like his dull and uninspirational character.

Aberbadger posted a comment on Thursday 24th July 2008 11:33pm

with a call like that, shouldn't the owl be called fozzy?!

Ishtar replied:

Not if you know what's good for you.   She has a vastly inflated sense of her own worth.

JaneJack posted a comment on Thursday 24th July 2008 9:55pm

I really like this story, and what you've done with it.