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Eric Oppen posted a comment on Sunday 8th April 2007 9:27am

Absolutely lovely chapter! Lucius' arrogant ignorance of anything outside the rather cloistered Wizard world is coming back to bite him in the arse! If Gomez was a Finance major at Yale, he should be able to run rings around Lucius AND Fudge...and I can see the goblins, prostrating themselves in unison and chanting "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!"

Draco...I think the "D" in his name stands for Darwin Award! His approach to Wednesday was so stupid that I think Crabbe and Goyle are the smart ones; the fish wouldn't get hooked if it kept its mouth shut the way they do, after all. Loved how Harry put the smackdown on him.

Oh, I should mention...swords vary greatly in their weight, but the ones they're using sound to me like smallswords (kind of like the ones worn with modern-day court dress or in some lodges) or rather small rapiers---both of which are light and very handy. Even the heaviest swords aren't all THAT heavy (they had to be swung all day, and even Conan the Barbarian would get bad tendinitis from anything too heavy) and really heavy swords would be used against armored opponents, not in duels like the one you described. And "live steel" refers to any sharp weapon, while the quality can be fairly crapful or very good, depending on the steel, the smith and the design.

Ishtar replied:

According to AF canon, Gomez makes strange, almost random investments in odd companies, but he seems to be incredibly successful at it.   My Gomez is the custodian of the Addams Family's not insignificant resources - starting with the original Adams and Dee fortunes, guided by diviners such as Morticia, the heads of the Family over three hundred years have parlayed the initial investment into one of the great fortunes of the world, possibly even rivaling Gringotts.

Draco is not the brightest of beings, that's true.   He isn't much smarter in canon.

As for the swords, I assume that back in the days they were in common use, the children got small "training" swords to practice with - except for the fact that theirs are sharp, that's probably what Harry and Wednesday are using.   At eleven, with Addams strength and vitality and the benefits of good nutrition, the children can probably swing a sword that a young adult might have wielded a few centuries ago.   Snape had noted that there were no buttons.   That meant that at least the points were sharp, which justified the "live" steel comment.  Being a child of the slums himself, he can't identify the swords further than that, but is willing to assume they might have sharp edges as well as tips (i.e., they're rapiers rather than foils).

chantel posted a comment on Sunday 8th April 2007 7:00am

i have to say that when i first found out that the adams family crossed over, i couldn't bring myself to read it but once i did i found this story to be humoress and well written please continue to write this and maybe explore the relationship between harry and wednesday even if they are only eleven

Jimbocous posted a comment on Sunday 8th April 2007 6:00am

Thanks! Nice update. Still one of my favourite cross-overs, and skillfully done! posted a comment on Sunday 8th April 2007 5:56am

OUTSTANDING CHAPTER!!!! I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter. Have you had any luck getting the Adamms Family Black and White TV show on DVD to do research? Whats gonna happen at the parent weekend is Harry gonna do something even more outstanding then beating Malfoy like the ferret he is? DO keep up the outstanding work and update soon please:):):):)

Ronnee posted a comment on Saturday 7th April 2007 11:30am

This is fun! I love the way you've got the children independent and weaving their Addams' magic throughout the whole school. And Harry as an Addams is a masterful character. Kudos on the idea and even more for making it work.

minervakitty posted a comment on Saturday 7th April 2007 8:47am

Just how good will the Dreadful trio get in their classes and groups? hehe How many more defeats is Malfoys going to get from the Addams? Lucius first encounter with the Addams does get to him. Does Fudgie realize which side would make him look better? Will Snape change towards the Dreadful Trio? Just how long is it going to take for Draco to shut up? Looks like Harry and Remus found a way to get back at Snape.

Yo posted a comment on Saturday 7th April 2007 7:26am

Oh, this was perfectly wicked. I just had a cram session with this story and am overcome with its qualities. Heh, I have only observed "The Addams Family" is passing at various times, but now your story has created a nearly overwhelming interest in it. I am actually surprised those that know of it do not utilize it as your portrayal shows a decent amount of commonalities, except for the strict magic part. This is a remarkable story in its execution and polish. Heh, the Addams family is brilliant. I especially love their motto and how it has shaped their characters.

Lastly, I must say Gomez and Morticia are lovely people. I hope you update soon!

keebler_elmo posted a comment on Saturday 7th April 2007 5:18am

Amazing chapter. I love this story. Every time you post a new chapter I am amazed at how original you are. I loved watched Gomez inform Malfoy and the minister of their incompetence. Sorry for such a short review, but I just wanted you to know that people like me are eagerly awaiting more. Keep up the good work and update soon.

Renzo7 posted a comment on Saturday 7th April 2007 4:11am

Nice work, been a long time since the last update. I hope you keep up the good work and update soon.

LunaMazes posted a comment on Friday 6th April 2007 11:25pm

The books don’t lie I thought Harry said that Books do lie a few chapters before..

Ishtar replied:

That's the difference between history and accounting.   History doesn't have to have multiple entires and everything equaling out.

Ian Morgan posted a comment on Friday 6th April 2007 8:48pm

an Absolutly fantastic chapter

Please donot leve it solong between updates my heart will not last


wildmage28 posted a comment on Friday 6th April 2007 1:40pm

I normally don't review the chapters I read but I really like this one. I have a question though. When Malfoy is going on about Wednesday not doing well in classes, the first thought in my head was that she's setting a trap for him. Is she?

Mark Blaine posted a comment on Friday 6th April 2007 10:10am

Great work.

fhippogriff posted a comment on Friday 6th April 2007 6:01am

Welcome back to the Addams! I loved the chapter. The dialog worked very well, except Gomez' was a tad belabored, but I think he's that way, isn't he? I loved the explanation to Snape of the betrothal contract and having him unable to punish Harry. And I like your Harry in this story--he's the best characterization.

MercuryBlue posted a comment on Friday 6th April 2007 3:55am

"The Black and Longbottom heirs were both infants,"


Other than that, marvelous as usual.

Ishtar replied:

Whoops!   Fixed.   Thank you very much.

Elysian posted a comment on Thursday 5th April 2007 8:25pm

Wow. I live in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts and even I have barely even heard of the Bridgewater triangle. Mostly something I remember of what was written in an article in the local paper a few years ago. Horray for the obscure!!!

Ishtar replied:

Hooray indeed!   I'm a student of high weirdness, and find a magical world that exists in the real world to be the perfect place to insert it!   I've been to Salem, and it's far too crowded a place for the Salem Academy of Witchcraft to fit easily, so I decided that they moved the school to a less crowded area some time ago - the swampy area of the Bridgewater Triangle, which already had a reputation for strangeness.   They have no neighbors, the kids can experiment with things and nobody will notice, the occasional space alien drops in to visit - it's perfect! :-D

All the weird stuff I mention in New Jersey is real, too!

ShadeHawk posted a comment on Thursday 5th April 2007 4:46pm

Very nice chapter in this wonderfull story. I really liked that Draco got humiliated because he used word he haven't known meaning of. I do wonder how Addams children would define misstress?

I do wonder how the incident with troll will play out. Hermione is in Ravenclaw, so she is not ostracized as she was in Gryffindor (as know-it-all) in original, so she probably is not crying in the bathroom (all not knowing about troll). Harry has contact with different people in this A.U. Luna is one year younger... Wouldn't it be irony if it was Draco who needs rescue?

Keep up good work.

Brad Crawford posted a comment on Thursday 5th April 2007 2:17pm

wow cant wait to see what happens next keep up the awesome writing! maybe the troll will get malfoy that would be amusing!

Highschool Nerd posted a comment on Thursday 5th April 2007 11:15am

Lovely! :)

Cale posted a comment on Thursday 5th April 2007 6:05am

You are a true genius. I've never seen something so funny, yet so compelling. I salute thee and hope, nay, pray that you update this story. I cannot express the joy I felt when I read through this tale, nor the sheer agony that went through me when the "Next" was found black, with no link to a further chapter. Oh, poor I, who has to wait for more. Poor readers, who wish it weren't so.

In short, we want more! Yay Ishtar!

Ishtar replied:

*blinks*   Thank you.   That has to be the most extravagantly over-the-top review I've ever gotten.   I hope I can continue to live up to your estimation.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, "Parent-Teacher Night (and Voldemort, Too)"