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patsh posted a comment on Wednesday 4th April 2007 12:30am

This was well worth the long wait, and I loved your portrayal of Gomez during the meeting.

Adrian R Brown posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 11:54pm

Wonderful Chapter. I can definitely understand how the dialogue, especially the business portions at Gringotts, could have given problems. I loved all the little confrontations; the multiple Addams vs. Malfoy confrontations, and couldn't help but cringe when Malfoy the younger went after Wednesday, seeing her as 'weak prey'. While Harry may have taught him a lesson, I highly doubt that Wednesday won't exact some kind of further revenge herself.

Delroy posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 11:41pm

Oh! I love it! Unfortunately now I have to go back and read the whole story again to find out what everything means. ^^

wilcoxha posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 11:35pm

This story is wonderful! I love how Gomez put Malfoy in his proper place! Can't wait to see how Gomez helps Sirius...

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 11:33pm

Wonderful! So glad that you updated.

Loved Malfoy's "offer" to Wednesday. Snape is really building up a bill that Harry will collect some day. Looking forward to seeing that.

Loved the meeting with the older Malfoy. He didn't know what hit him (nor Fudge). I keep seeing John Austin in these scenes; you have his exhuberance down so well.

Thanks for writing this. It's so much fun to read.

Tom A.

Kail Ceannai posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 11:14pm

A fabulous and delightful chapter! Thanks for the update!

Robert Fletcher posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 11:13pm

Great Story. Keep Writing.

I like this Chapter. How Gomes deels with Malfoy and Fudge.

I am glad you are still writing this story I was worried that you had stopped writing this story, as that would be a great pity as it is a great story.

Mickey posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 11:11pm

Very nice however the form of Harry's challenge was problematical. As the challenged party Draco should have had the choice of weapons and since Harry was providing the swords Draco should have at least chosen which of the swords he uses.

The Unicorn

Ishtar replied:

Harry was deliberately steamrolling Draco.   He wanted the fight to be witnessed, and on his terms, and counted on the fact that Draco wouldn't know enough of the proper form to insist. (Although it really didn't matter to him; he was confident that he could take Draco with magic, too.)   Draco did the same to Harry in canon, declaring the duel, the time, the place, and the weapons.

The Resident posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 10:51pm

I have been missing this. I'm glad you were able to add another excellent chapter. Poor, stuck-up Malfoy (both of them) they don't have enough sense to see when they're out classed. Keep up the great work and I hope you will be able to update soon.

amulder posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 10:34pm

PS: Wednesday Friday Addams is brilliant.

It may seem simple and obvious once stated, but it is just such the best name for her.

Harry is a lucky man.

Ishtar replied:

That's her name in AF canon.   Charles Addams was brilliant.

At eleven, betrothal still isn't very far from friendship with some benefits and some obligations.   But Harry is going to be VERY aware he's a lucky man come the Yule Ball. (I'm planning that already ... hee!)

Meg posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 10:18pm

Awesome chapter - totally worth the wait! (Even though I hope we don't have to wait so long again to see more.)

I absolutely loved the Gomez/Malfoy interactions and the characterization of Augusta Longbottom.

Seeing that touch of Gomez in Harry (demanding satisfaction) had me rolling.

Can't wait to see how this trio stirs up Hogwarts even more. :)

31415 posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 10:17pm

Yay! Another chapter is posted just when I'd begun to worry that we wouldn't be seeing any more of this story.

However much time you spent on the dialogue, it seems to me to have been worth it -- nary a syllable wrong.

Shawn Pickett posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 10:16pm

The only thing you missed was a conversation between Malfoy and Snape with Snape questioning Malfoy's intelligence about offering to make Wednesday his mistress, and Malfoy wondering why everybody was upset about offering to make her a servant. An outstanding chapter, thank you.

Ishtar replied:

Well, that's not really Snape's role - he's not the godfather many other stories assume, he's just a teacher.   Obviously Lucius did not give Draco The Talk before he left for school, and that's part of what Snape is going to tell Lucius about when he complains about Draco's lack of manners.   So Draco will be horribly embarrassed - again - when his father has to tell him the meaning of what he said.   (Draco's mum isn't going to be happy either, when this gets back to her.)

MonCappy posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 10:10pm

This is turning out to be a very interesting story. I like the rather ruthless Harry in this fanfic. While he is by no means "evil" he is certainly capable of cunning. Poor Draco thoroughly got what he deserved, though.

Treck posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 10:01pm

Bravo on the chapter... I can't help but think that Dumbles will look like an ass by the time that the Troll is taken care of.

Todd Rodgers posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 10:00pm

I've missed this story! In particular, I think you nailed Gomez's work on the Trust very well -- no Addams would stand for what Malfoy had done. Make money, surely, enjoy the chaos, absolutely -- but we devour those who would subdue us :)

I also enjoyed the sword play -- Lupin taking the swords was also a nice twist on Snape.

More please!

Jeremy DuCharme posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 9:44pm

Nice to see the story updated. Some thoughts.

Harry's basic flying course makes me wonder if the HPTA will make suggestions for adding basic flying to the curriculum (Hooch's class renamed advanced flying), along with classes on Wizarding Studies, Customs, and Manners for those first entering the Wizarding World at Hogwarts?

On the Quidditch front, well Harry remain grounded for the games of his First Year, or will he get to fly either through injury to Higgs or as in insult or intimidation tactic? Sort of 'we are so good/you are so weak that we can fly our backups and STILL beat you'. And for the other houses 'if that is the second string, what are the regulars like?'

I get the feeling that Mrs. Longbottom was rather happy to aid and abet Gomez's maniacally turning 'business as usual' with the Trust on it's head. Or was just so fed up with Malfoy Sr. that she went along. I noticed Gomez says the Board won't be drawing any profit from the Trust the next few year since all the rents will be plowed back into the Ally. Something tells me Draco won't be buying his way onto the House Quidditch team next year, between back taxes, back rents, and no income from the Trust the Malfoys will be hard pressed to keep themselves in hair jell, much less casually throwing around huge bribes.

Gomez played Fudge like a cheep kazoo, but OTOH it wasn't a difficult task if you know the players. Something tells me Gomez has a few landmines hidden in the 'Great Reconstruction'. Could those out of work muggle borns and werewolves be part of his work force for the Reconstruction? Will they find the numbers of pureblood rune masters too few to keep to schedule on making and renewing the protection runes (and obscuring and repelling runes on the reopened entrances to the Allys?) and have to find them 'elsewhere'? *cough*muggle-born and half-blood*cough*

When I suggested Harry challenge Malfoy with Machiavelli (oh, and Dracie poo, if anyone can learn a language, why didn't you?), you countered that Harry would likelier use it to distract him into assuming it would be a political fight, then go after him with a sword. And lo and behold, the next chapter Harry does just that. :)

Really Draco using the term 'mistress' without understanding it sums up the character perfectly. He's aping daddy without understanding it. And in this case spectacularly misapplying it through his arrogant ignorance.

Wednesday, is she just relatively weakest of the Addams Trio (but still powerful), is she publicly underplaying her abilities, or was what Draco's spies saw what she wanted them to see, and her real class work is much better?

And Harry smacking Dracie around with steel. Can you imagine how many girls will be mooning over him after that makes the rounds? Rich, Powerful, semi-foreign (raised in America), suave, and chivalrous when his lady is insulted. Suitably warped in the retelling and the female standards for boyfriends will go up at Hogwarts. "Harry Potter drew a sword and sliced Malfoy to ribbons for slighting his girlfriend. I heard Pompey took most of a week to put the pieces back together. Surely you can do..." Fill in whatever the girl wants at that point. The fact Malfoy wound up in the Hospital wing for nearly a few days from his failed boil potion trap will be taken by those working on rumors of proof of Harry's rage and sword prowess. They will likely assume it was the 'duel' that put him there, and if it's a choice of that or his own failed trap being the culprit Malfoy will let it be Potter's sword known to have done the deed.

Hmm, exploding feathers? Ron without Hermione to correct his pronunciation? I'm imaging that 'mistake' used on the Troll if it can. And how will The Addams Three react? Meekly sitting it out in the Common Room doesn't quite seem right.

Ishtar replied:

Yes, there will be many changes suggested by the Parents' Association.   Some of them will get through, some of them won't.

What would Quidditch be without Harry snatching victory from the jaws of defeat?   What is an honorable Harry going to do about the way the Slytherin team plays?   Ah, now there's the rub ...

Draco's "fling money at it" lifestyle will be changing.   Not to Weasley level, of course, because Lucius has other money sources, but there certainly aren't going to be team brooms next year.   Unless they're from Gomez.

I had originally had a line about Gomez hiring a half-blood Rune Master to do his survey, but it wasn't really needed.   Yes, that's where the work force will be coming from.   People who will have no problem going to work pulling down buildings and putting up new ones, especially if it looks like they might be able to live in those buildings afterward. (Habitat for Humanity, anyone?)   With the rent schedules set properly, some of them may be able to open their own businesses afterward, too.

Re: Machiavelli, I was already planning this then, heh.

Draco's dialogue (and Wednesday's response) was what was giving me the fits. I was trying to figure out what would be so offensive that a duel would be required. Finally it occurred to me that he would be trying very hard to sound like his father, without necessarily understanding everything his father says and does.   What eleven-year-old really understands what a "mistress" is and does? (Apparently Wednesday does, but she's been reading gothic romances ...)

Go back to the scene on the train where they meet Hermione, and you'll see what Wednesday is doing.  

Rumor is going to do wonderful things for Harry's reputation, all right.

The exploding feather was actually Seamus, as in the movie.   But a Ron/Seamus/Dean trio going after the troll to try to gain some prestige for Gryffindor has considerable comic potential, don't you think?   The Addams Three will have other business that night.   If nothing else, they thing the troll is in the dungeon.   The common room is in the dungeon.   This is not a promising combination ...

van ash posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 9:05pm

Thank-you so much for this update. Note to self: MUST NOT CHECK THIS SITE WHILE AT WORK.

I see that everyone has their favorite points as usual.

My favorite is the brilliantly understated way that Remus reacts to the duel (or non-reacts?):

"[e]xhibiting a marked lack of astonishment" and
"[I] can tell you’ve been slacking, Harry, you weren’t keeping your wrist straight."

swordchucks posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 8:52pm

Wow, an amazing chapter. I love the duel with Malfoy, but I'm trying to figure out the real story with Wednsday. Is she just an average witch, or do her talents lie in areas outside of Charms and Transfiguration. She's bound to be good at Divination, of course, but I'd think Harry's match would have her own area of excellence.

I also loved the whole section with Lucy and Gomez. For some reason, the picture in my head was half in black and white (the Gomez/Morticia portion) and the other half was in color (Lucious). I enjoyed the way in which Malfoy has been running things and I like the fact that Gomez is taking him on directly.

A lot of the rest of the chapter is continued from previous chapters. I liked that stuff then, so I still like it now.

The only flaw I can find in the chapter is that it had to end! Keep up the good work!

Ken Warner posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd April 2007 8:36pm

Excellent and most welcome chapter - this is one of the most ingenious HP stories that I have encountered, and safe for my 11 yr old daughter, and this wonderful episode, with the Malfoys getting skinned financially, and then literally (by the boils and treatment) was pure joy.
I had been very worried that this would end as JYA and Fidelius have, so thank you, thank you Ishtar.

warmest regards