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Charis posted a comment on Friday 27th July 2007 1:34pm

Hi, I was wonderin' if we could get another chapter? I've read this twice, and I can't wait to read more. Thanks a lot, and I hope all is well with you, if only for another chapter :D


Felix posted a comment on Thursday 26th July 2007 9:21am

Brilliant, I love the tone and the humor. Please keep it up! There's a lack of fun, quirky crossovers out there!

Elegy posted a comment on Thursday 26th July 2007 7:37am

I just found this story today through a recommendation thread, and I must admit I'm VERY impressed - I read through all of it in a single sitting. The quirky humour of the Addams family fits very well with the humour in JKR's first books, and the Addamses have made themselves so seamlessly at home in Hogwarts that you couldn't really tell they weren't meant to attend in the first place. I also particularly enjoyed the pwning of Lucius and continued outmaneuvering of Dumbledore by Gomez and Morticia, as well as Lupin's defection to the Family. When will they properly acknowledge that he's been adopted too, anyway? ^^ I sincerely hope you stick with this story all the way through to Harry's final battle with Voldemort. You write, we'll read!

Sakya posted a comment on Friday 20th July 2007 9:09pm

LOL Great fic, First of the kind I ever see (HP/Addams) and I'm loving it.

Please up date soon.

Katrina posted a comment on Tuesday 17th July 2007 1:26am

Great job so far hon! I love how the fic is rolling out to play.

I hope that you can update soon, as I can only re-read a story so many times before I know it off by heart....

Take care and happy writing!

handiangel posted a comment on Monday 16th July 2007 7:11pm

Great story! I'd looked at this story before, debating whether I should read it, because I've not read that many good crossover stories. But this is great, so seamless!
I like the occasional reminders that they have been brought up in America, but it isn't in your face. Just subtle things that are slightly different like the 'ground floor/first floor' thing which is brilliant!
I love that Harry seems to be bringing Snape round to actually liking him in an odd sort of way... maybe more like grudging respect?
And also, Harry's immediate understanding of Quidditch strategy was great and believable too!

Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Cat Feral posted a comment on Monday 16th July 2007 4:13am

Mrs Dursley was wearing a red ball gown which had obviously cost a pretty penny. Mrs Figg occasionally followed the fashion periodicals, and knew that a dress like that was custom designed, probably in Paris. The jewellery that went with it was just as expensive, and her hair and makeup were done with care and taste.

I was re-reading Chapter 4 when I noticed this line. Are you saying that Morticia not only let Petunia keep the dress (which would make sense, as it was made for her) but the jewelry as well?? Wow, they really are a generous family, aren't they?!

Puidwen posted a comment on Saturday 14th July 2007 6:39pm

i am so very glad you updated this

magiccrystalrose posted a comment on Saturday 7th July 2007 4:59am

I’m really enjoying this story. I love your original take on an already unique idea. Your story is so well written and well though out that it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I hope that you choose to continue this story because it is excellent.

busted posted a comment on Friday 6th July 2007 7:20pm

Ive posted before but im going to comment again anyway :D I read this again I love it so much I really hope you update soon before I die of anticipation :P

amulder posted a comment on Friday 6th July 2007 12:40am

"Please, sir, I want some more."

I check back regularly, but looks like that darn career is still sucking up Dorothy's time.


Dale Dietzman posted a comment on Thursday 5th July 2007 9:44am

Hey, I bet you COULD work the Jersey Devil into here somehow. A present from Wenesday to Harry, maybe ? And it would be another thing to drive Ferret Boy nuts, too!

dakinumas posted a comment on Wednesday 4th July 2007 7:45pm

brilliant work please update soon!!!!

fuzen posted a comment on Wednesday 4th July 2007 6:48am

awesome story, one of the best.
update soon

Dark Topaz posted a comment on Wednesday 4th July 2007 2:48am

please update soon I can't wait

Scott M posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd July 2007 8:26am

Re: class schedules, what if there are five or six periods in a day, rather than only four? Then a typical Potions day could go Double, single, Lunch, single, Double (or with one less single). I know that my high school always had at least five, and if it's on anything even aproaching a university schedule, there's more like eight.
Great work, anyway. I'm on to the next chapter!

roniexz posted a comment on Monday 2nd July 2007 5:28pm

Very good...i had read this story a long time ago but forgot about it later..
Its become a great story,right humor at the right time...
You are indeed a good writer.

Danielle posted a comment on Monday 2nd July 2007 1:27pm

THIS FANFIC IS AMAZING! I've never ready anything like it before, and wow... I'm just blown away. You must continue this soon, because well... I'm dying to see the Addams-Harry as a teenager. I LOVE THIS FANFIC!!! SQUEEE!!

Gannet posted a comment on Sunday 1st July 2007 3:08am

"But what if I kill you?"

"You didn’t kill Quirrell right away. It took time. I think I can get away from you if necessary," said Uncle Gomez. "And if I don’t, at least we’ll know."

I love how the Addams and HP canon mix seamlessly as you take the best of both worlds. Thank you for writing!

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Sunday 1st July 2007 2:45am

Fantastic chapter. Your Gomez is so perfect!