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Nemoblank posted a comment on Tuesday 17th November 2009 2:50pm

Fantastic! I'd like to see more of this!

Mistress Sayu posted a comment on Tuesday 17th November 2009 7:12am

Love the story! But how the hell do you save stories on this site and where do you go to submit a story?

noylj posted a comment on Monday 16th November 2009 3:19pm

Nobody knows the troubles I've had, Nobody know at all.
Nobody knows how long I've waited for an update, Nobody knows at all.
What's the secret to the ducky and the saxophone? Sounds like a sexual innuendo.

noylj posted a comment on Sunday 15th November 2009 10:04am

"the children of Charles Adams are returning to England"
Wrong family, this is the Addams family.
I trust that Lupin, he who deserted Harry and never really cared for him in canon, has been informed about Bumbles and his nefarious plans for Harry?

noylj posted a comment on Sunday 15th November 2009 7:44am

Why does Bumbles always get away with so much. He can not be the important to the world and have so few enemies that he would not be tried for so an illegal showing. At least he would be persona non grata in the US if not most of the world. Who could allow such tampering of the courts and who would allow such a criminal to be head the international? It isn't like he is one of the many tin-pot dictators that rule the UN.
I do implore you to update and continue this story.

Mark Safransky posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd November 2009 12:04am

Ack, been over a year since this masterpiece was updated. Hope you haven't abandoned it. Even Kevin seems to not be updating anymore. Anyway, hope to see something new soon. Please?

WalkaboutTigger posted a comment on Saturday 24th October 2009 5:28am

Great story! I will wait with baited breath for the remaining 63 chapters. I like where this started and am looking forward to see where it goes.
I'm enjoying your character development as well as how close to Addams canon you are maintaining.

Cat Feral posted a comment on Saturday 3rd October 2009 11:38am

*holds up computer like Oliver Twist holding up his bowl* Please, Ma'am, I want some more!

Real Life can make it really hard to keep writing (believe me, I know!), but if there's any way that you can give us another excellent chapter, we would all REALLY love to see it!

KSK posted a comment on Friday 18th September 2009 10:45pm

Where are you?? This is such a great story!! Don't abandon it, PLEASE!! Its been a year, and your followers are anticipating your next chapter with extreme anxiousness!!

Pls submit something...SOON!!

Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Wednesday 16th September 2009 1:46pm

Lady Ishtar, if you please, another chapter of this fine fic. I'd hate to see something as good as this go uncompleted. Please do update soon.

Fenris Ulf posted a comment on Tuesday 15th September 2009 1:06am

This story is awesome :) I really love your portrayal of the addams family in this universe. Seeing Malfoy getting 1 upped over and over is great as well. Hope you write more of this soon!


Hilary McKenna posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 9:12pm

I miss this story. I has been so much fun to read and re-read. Are you ever going to pick it up again? I'd really love to have your version of an Addams confronting a basilisk or the Tri-Wizard tournament (heeeere, dragon, fetch girl) as well as what a properly Addams raised Harry could do to Voldemort. Please, please write more soon.

KSK posted a comment on Tuesday 1st September 2009 3:03am

Pls write another part soon! I really enjoy this story!! If you can't do it, can someone else??

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 29th August 2009 5:55pm

I have really enjoyed this story and would love to see it completed. You have so many great stories. I hope you are still writing. Please continue. I check this site often to see how the writers are doing. Thank you for adding to the Potterverse. pms

Charles Newton posted a comment on Thursday 27th August 2009 10:38am

I like it, but may I please have some mire, O Goddess?

Katsuhito posted a comment on Friday 21st August 2009 1:56am

I was just rereading this (and hoping for an update sometime ;) ), and I just recognized that bit with the the gazebo in the beginning of this chapter. Yeah! Another reader of Knights of the Dinner Table. :) Fireball's online, B.A.!

Sharon posted a comment on Monday 17th August 2009 10:39pm

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading the story. I think I have read it about 5 times now and everytime I see a rec for it, I still go and read it again. It is really good and I look forward to reading it again and again and again, well I guess you get the picture.
Thanks for sharing it.

karekid2006 posted a comment on Tuesday 11th August 2009 12:56am

its been a long time since this has been updated has it been abandoned

phantombrick posted a comment on Sunday 9th August 2009 1:57am

It has been awhile and I just reread the story. Is there an update coming soon? This is a great story.

Lientjuhh posted a comment on Thursday 6th August 2009 5:53am

I like the story.. WEll done.. ;)